Writings and Ramblings by Jim Cripps
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Written Materials

by Jim Cripps

  • Charlie Chan Goes to Pieces (one-man play)
  • San Francisco at Bay (short)
  • The Adventures of Izod® (strip)
  • The Foxes Hunt (strip)
  • Polo (strip)
  • Rugger (strip)
  • Wilson's Biography (strip)
  • Joel the Golfer (strip)
  • The School Haunted (short)
  • Was That the Cat's Meow? (short)
  • Freefall (super-short)
  • The Prince of Death (short)
  • News At Eleven; Crisis At Twelve (short)
  • Fire in Her Sleep (short)
  • Solo Soap: Solo Ransom (skit)
  • London Ravaged: The Morgan LaFay Squad (super-short)
  • Alexander At Large (short)
  • What's A Scary Thing (series) (shorts)
  • Boys Against Law (short)
  • Trouble On Ice (short)
  • The Siren (short)
  • The Dragon [A] (short)
  • The Dragon [B] (short)
  • The Gorgon: A Faired-Haired Woman (short)
  • Sheol (short) (offsite)
  • Last Wish (short)
  • John of Scaythaire, esq. (short)
  • James Joyce: Godfather to 20th Century Fiction (essay)
  • A Bloodletting (offsite)
  • Tower of Dreams (screenplay) 1st draft done [logline]
  • ...
Egad! Undone:
  • Battlestar Astron (series?)
  • Man At Large (sequal to San Francisco At Bay) (short)
  • Tyren (novel)
  • The Fallen Republic (novel)
  • A Space Flik (screenplay)
  • Tulsa Regional Ghostbusters (screenplay)
  • Quest for Joy: A Paisley Adventure (novella/series)
  • One
  • Qita Haree Days: An Early Paisley Adventure
  • Two (novella)
  • Three (novella)
  • MM
  • Bethelemew the Wanderer (short)
  • They Played In Terror (short)
  • Ill Commute (TV - in development?)
  • Red Carpet Dance (screenplay)
  • Ark'Hnel (graphic series)
  • Astray (short/screenplay)
  • Serpent Tide (novel)
  • Shukumei (novella/screenplay)
  • ...

English Major

CrewNet.com Resume

Okay, funny story. When I was about 11 years old, I was watching a detective show on television. I hadn't ever been so involved with a show like it since McCloud was on in the mid-'70s (and the only reason I watched that show was just to see the flashlight intro). Anyway, this detective was also a magician. Too cool. I might have been influenced a little by Quincy, M.E., but just the same, I thought to myself, 'I can do that!' So, having tried it (a detective story of course, long abandoned), I think I might have proven to myself that writing is fun.

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