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of Jim Cripps

World peace...; seriously. Honestly, that will never happen. At least not for another millenia. Enough of that drivel, on with page:

Another good use for the web is gift recieving. That old adage, "The web is free" can still hold true if people give you things. And the best way to help them get those gifts, was the advent of 'Wish Lists.' JOY! To add to the clutter of the Internet, and to any one of you that care to consider, here are my wish lists.

My Amazon WishList, which just about everyone has, can grow to excess. And it's no wonder, for (and Jeff Bezos) also grow to excess.

For art, I have a Dick Blick Art wish list. If there is one thing I love more than writing, it is art. Drawing is so expressive. What I cannot say with words, I can say with any art medium. Dick Blick has an awesome assortment online, but I think the (free) catalog is more impressive.

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