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Jim Cripps' Thoughts

So far, there is nothing loaded here. It's too time consuming to convert or retype everything. I'm not getting paid to do this, you know! But I can say a few things:

1.) The Federal Government should pay for research, stop subsidizing and help the medical community where it would do the most 'good.' Sure, there is the possibility of corruption, but the system is already corrupted. Also, the Government should pay for everyone's medical..., Canada does.
2.) Automakers should not be allowed to keep secret what is really wrong with vehicles from the consumer. A car owner has the right to find out for themselves, what the car needs in order to be fixed, instead of needing to take it to the dealer or service station, be charged for hook-up to a machine that will spit out some easy information. It is conspiracy between two associations in order to get more money; the Automotive Manufacturers and the Automotive Service Mechanics.
3.) Selective Breeding, for lack of a better name, I think this is the truth of nature. Darwin was half right. Charles Darwin assumed that if an animal were weak (including humans), then they would not survive the rigors of life. Supposedly, this would create evolution, because the better mutations would help a race or genus advance. In reality, any advancement of the race depends on the opposite sex; mostly the females choose who advances and who does not. Every documentary shows the same thing, a male courting the female; except in the case of prides and some packs (where the strong just plain win, with minimal courtship involved). So, it is more or less what the opposite sex looks like, or what they have (including for the humans, intuition, et al.), that draws the attraction and advances the family. Faults and all.

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