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As far back as I can verify,
James Lytton m Anna __________
They begat:
Albert C. and Lawrence W.
Lawrence W. Lytton m Helma W. __________ (and divorces?)
So then, Lawrence W. Lytton m Fay(e) ___________
Albert C. Lytton m Mary Esther Lane1
They2 begat:
Mary Esther Lane-Lytton m Sydney Raphael
Forrest Lytton m3 Cora White (Morton)
They begat:4
Anita L.
Forrest Lytton m Donna
They begat:
Anita L. Lytton m Richard G. Cripps

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1. Evidence that her given name is Mary, is shaky. I had always known her as Esther.
2. Once Albert C. Lytton found out his wife Mary Esther was pregnant with Forrest Lytton, he and his brother Lawrence W. Lytton sold their business and left for California. (Nice.)
3. I have no evidence of their marriage.
4. Forrest Lytton eventually adopted Anita L., and Cora White (Morton) disappears(?)